How Do I Decide Which EB-5 Visa Program is Right for Me?

Different EB-5 Visa Programs

There are ever growing numbers of regional centers approved by the US Government (USCIS) to offer the EB-5 visa. The information sent to you by these regional centers focuses on their positive points. Which EB5 visa make in-depth visits to regional centers (not just the conducted tour) to keep up to date on their various programs and to identify any concerns which need highlighting. In recent months there has been a trend by some companies to openly use the EB-5 visa program as a way of raising capital from overseas to finance programs that cannot be financed from the normal sources of capital. This has significant implications that you need to be aware of.

We have a number of points of concern that you should be aware of before committing to any particular regional centre program. We go through these important points at our briefing/consultation with those of you registered with us. (We do not charge a fee).

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A few years ago there seemed to be a preference for freehold commercial properties or property secured options. However, the economic and property downturns seem to have made more recent visa applicants somewhat more cautious with a greater focus on track record of the regional center operators and specific exit strategies.

Some programs seem to have a wow factor; an excitement, others by contrast may seem at first glance dull and boring. By looking below the surface of the different regional center programs we have found that all that glistens is not gold. There are important implications that EB-5 visa applicants often fail to realize when considering which regional center program is right for them; we cover these questions with you at your free EB5 consultation/briefing. One very important point you need to understand is, why, in certain circumstances, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Many EB5 visa applicants have been concerned that their chosen option has a proven, measurable track record; we explain how to identify this and issues to be aware of.

Among concerns relating to a number centers we can discuss with you are:-

  • Visa not granted
  • Conditions not removed
  • Losing all or part of your money
  • Legal claims made on regional centers
  • Negative local press
  • Programs not completed and the job implications

The EB-5 Visa regional center program is an excellent choice for those looking to quickly become a permanent resident of the United States. Which EB5 researches regional centers; you make the choice as to which of these is right for you plus you get all the independent advice of Which EB-5 at no cost to you.

To date, the vast majority of EB-5 visa applicants have opted for a limited number of specific programs. The partners of Which EB5 have successfully advised over 250 families who subsequently obtained EB-5 visas and are now permanent residents in the USA.

For further information on the various regional centers, a copy of our radio interview, details of our book or discussions with one of our partners contact us by clicking the blue button below now.

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