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It goes without saying, but your personal timeline is entirely individual.  Each investor and his or her family have ideas about what they would like their own personal timeline to look like.  You have some idea of a target date or estimated date when you would like to be living stateside.  You will have many factors that come into play with this that will affect your personal timeline.  We will discuss these at length in future blog entries.

Formulating your personal timeline will be quite tricky, and this is where once again the guidance of an experienced EB-5 advisor and your immigration attorney will prove invaluable.  They, working together, will help you marry your goals and needs with the reality of the process and capabilities of processing within the constraints set by outside factors; namely the regional center you choose to invest in and the USCIS, at the mercy of which all involved place themselves.

Even though you cannot control these outside factors, you can minimize their impact by being prepared to attend to them in an efficient and effective manner.  When you know what needs to be done and when, you can come to each task well-prepared, and streamline your personal process.  That is the greatest advantage that both the information in this blog and the knowledge and assistance that your team of advisors can give to you.  Together with your EB-5 advisor and this knowledge, you will be ready to construct a reasonable personal timeline and regain an element of control in a period of your life that leaves many less prepared immigrants feeling as if theirs has spun out of control.

Basic timeline of an EB-5 regional center investment

No discussion of timelines for EB-5 investing is complete without at least introducing the basic timeline for investing from the regional center perspective, since that is in truth a part of the whole process as well, and it is the very beginning of the active phase of the immigration through investment process.  USCIS’s procedures and processing times determine most of the timeline in this process; however, you should not underestimate the impact of the regional center and its timelines and procedures on your personal timeline.

The timeline for investing from start to finish can be lengthy in some cases, and will definitely need to be factored into the overall timeframe.  In fact, the proposed timeline for a center and their track record for abiding by it may be one of those considerations that you and your EB-5 consultant weigh when looking at your choice of regional center.

Each regional center will have its own set of pre-determined procedures, and hence also their own individual timeline that is specific to their center and their project.  Due to this fact, no one can outline the procedures and timelines of all of the more than 40 regional centers for you, but we can illustrate, for the sake of education and information and planning, what a basic regional center timeline and process will look like.

We will cover additional timeline considerations in future blogs. If you haven’t done so already I would recommend contacting the experts at Which EB5 who can start providing the information and guidance you need.


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