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Will My EB5 Visa be Approved?

Continuing our theme of answering your EB5 visa questions today we will look at the question of EB5 visa approval. Just recently we were asked what the possibility of approval is both at the initial petition, I-526, and at the second, perhaps most important, removal of conditions step or I-829.

I am very proud to tell you that at Which EB5 our clients have enjoyed a 100% success rate at both I-526 and I-829 stages. However, the USCIS recently published statistics showing the percentage of EB5 visa approvals at these two important points. Below you will find graphical representation of these important EB5 visa statistics.

EB5 Visa I-526 approval rates:

EB5 visa I-526 approval rates







According to the latest USCIS figures the current approval rate for I-526 petitions is running at 85% in fiscal year 2012 year-to-date.

With careful selection of an EB5 visa project with help from a trustworthy source of information and education, and representation from an experienced EB5 visa attorney, you can maximize the likely approval of your petition.

EB5 Visa I-829 approval rates:

EB5 visa I-829-approval Statistics







According to the latest USCIS figures the current approval rate for I-829 petitions is running at 96% in fiscal year 2012 year-to-date.

As you can see, an approval rate at 96% is encouraging. Please keep in mind that this figure is based upon EB5 visa projects funded by clients from 2-3 years ago. This is due to the logistics of the EB5 visa process whereby you, the applicant, cannot apply for removal of conditions (I-829) until you have been in the USA under your EB5 based green card for at least 21 months.

Obtaining I-829 petition approval comes down to adequate job creation. Many EB5 visa applicants do not pay enough attention to this important element in their choice of both regional center and project. Making sure that the project you choose will create enough jobs to satisfy the USCIS is paramount to you being able to stay in the USA as an unconditional legal permanent resident.

When finalizing your choice of regional center project be sure to check a) if your choice of regional center has had any I-829 approval s and/or denials and b) if the type of project they are offering you is based on the same business model that gave them their previous statistics. Otherwise the relevance of their statistics may need to be examined a little closer.

If you would like a detailed personal analysis of your qualification for an EB5 visa please feel free to contact us via email. If you have yet to request full EB5 visa information from Which EB5 you can do that here.



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