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EB5 statisticsOne approach taken by potential applicants trying to differentiate the various Regional Center options is to try to undertake a statistical analysis of each regional center track record.

This approach requires a number of considerations as statistics do not always tell the whole story:-

  • A well established regional center with a very high number of I-526 approvals, I-829 approvals and a record of returning the capital of earlier clients also has had I-829 rejections and has experienced problems on specific programs. It is important to know what lies behind these issues.
  • A well established center, again with a high number of I-526 approvals and I-829 approvals has received a declining percentage of the overall EB-5 visa market over the past few years. Its traditional program model has been less favored since the economic and property downturn in the USA and this could impact on the centers exit strategy for return of applicants’ $500,000.
  • Another well established center lays emphasis in its sales material with its ties to State Government. However, less emphasis is given to explain that the program is a private sector business and the exit strategy for the return of the funds is not tied to the State – in other words if the program hits problems the State is unlikely to step in and refund capital.
  • A number of regional Centers sell the majority of their places to applicants from China. There have been a number of concerns expressed on selling practices by some agents in China which are worth considering including the fees paid to some Chinese agents. Problems resulting from this may not appear until the I-829 or exit strategy stage.

Many who are starting the EB-5 process  have found it useful to begin researching the EB-5 by reading the only published consumer guide on the EB-5 visa pilot program: Green card via the Red Carpet.

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