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paid_eb-5_visa_adviceAs you are considering the EB-5 visa regional center program you probably have many questions that you want to ask. I will assume you are looking for are factual and honest answers to these questions NOT sharp, slick answers!

In the case of the EB-5 visa (regional center program) one of the issues that potential applicants realize is that they have to make a decision early in the process as to which particular regional center program is going to be the best match for their own specific needs.

We have been asked many questions by families who have looked at the EB-5 visa and are keen to know what the truth is behind all the sales claims they come across. Are those claims too good to be true; are they in fact a lie?

With well over three hundred regional centers approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) there would seem a massive amount to select from, but then of course comes the big question:

Where Do I Get Good Honest Information About My EB-5 Visa Options?

In recent months there have been a few companies offering fee-based services to provide comparisons between regional center options. However, there are issues to be considered which may not be clear to the potential EB-5 applicant – to give just a few examples.

  • Some companies offer services providing a detailed comparison on a small number of regional centers. This is rarely more than 5 or 6 and often you have to select the five or six you want compared. This may be understandable from the companies viewpoint given a survey on 300 would be totally unrealistic for all practical purposes. However, who chooses which of the 300 should be shortlisted down to those 5 or 6 and why? If you have to do this yourself how do you make the decision? Do some of the most proven regional center programs get left out and if so why? Get it wrong and you will end up paying a fee for a service that may lead you to a regional center program that is actually wrong for you and could result in you having serious immigration problems after you have settled down to your new life in America.
  • This report, which is supposedly designed to offer you, the EB-5 applicant, with the best choice of regional center programs may simply confuse you more. Let us say one of your most important criteria is a regional center with an ongoing 100% track record of I-829 successes; at this point only a very small number of the regional centers have actually reached that stage and a number of them will not even respond to a constant flow of questions as their reputation is strong enough to ensure more than a sufficient flow of applicants. In other words they can fill their places by reputation, receiving referrals from previous clients, attorneys, and the most experienced consultants. They will not help you.
  • The questionnaires sent out to regional centers by these report-for-sale companies sometimes lose the most important issues among a mass of less than useful questions. For many EB-5 applicants the most important issues can be reduced to two specific points: – The likelihood of obtaining their I-829s and the safe return of their funds in a reasonable time frame. To date only a few centers fit this criteria and each one has their own positive and negative aspects. Sometimes it can simply be a case of being overwhelmed by a mass of information and not seeing the most important points.
  • It has been known for some EB-5 research companies to comment negatively on particular regional centers as those regional centers have not, in the past, or will not now, accept client introductions from them thus leaving the EB-5 applicant (unknowingly) with a limited choice of alternatives that may not fulfill all their criteria and leaving the better regional centers out of the report.

We have received feedback from a number of clients who paid considerable fees and later received comparison tables of limited value, which raise further questions about the overall usefulness of the information they paid for.

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